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DIY Disposable Faceplates

Disposable Faceplates for the lathe

All wood lathes come with a face-plate to get you turning right away. I use mine quite a bit for large projects, but oftentimes the face-plate is too large for a project. Or there is not a lot of extra wood available for screws to bite into without ruining the project. And sometimes, I have a project in finishing stage still attached to the faceplate. Even with a decent chuck for my lathe, I still find these to be very handy to have on hand.

May 2, 2014

DIY Disposable Face-plates
DIY ScissorBench

Adjustable Height Scissor Bench

Here, I show how I made this adjustable height workstation using an old drive motor from a lift chair and 2 construction grade 2"X10"X8'. I rip the 2X10's into 2X4's to get better quality material.

May 1, 2014

How I made my DIY scissor bench with an old chair lift motor
how to make a cakestand on the lathe

Lathe Turned Cake Stand

The top platter is 10-1/2" in diameter. The base is 7-1/2" in diameter. The entire thing stands 7" high. This is a great piece and could easily be used for many other things. Cupcakes, veggie plate, cheese and cracker platter etc...

Jan 19, 2014

how to make a cake stand on the lathe
Maple and Cherry Chessboard by mdwoodart

Solid Wood Chess Board

I love playing Chess. Especially in the summer, sitting outside in the shade with a good friend and a cool beverage. I have gone thru several boards thru-out the years and I have always wanted a good solid wood board.

how to make a solid wooden chessboard


saw horse stallions

Shop Saw "Stallions"

Quick and easy to build glorified saw-horse, these saw "stallions" serve many functions in a shop. Made with all 2X4 and 2X8 material and some scrap plywood. These are rock solid and very helpful with multiple tasks in and around the shop or house.

how to make saw horse for the shop


Salt Cellar with a magnetized lid that pivots with one pin

Salt Cellar

This is a Salt Cellar made from a locally harvested Ash tree. It is hinged with a metal pin to allow the lid to turn open and closed. It also uses two, rare earth magnets as a hasp to hold it closed.

how to make a profesional salt cellar
Lathe turned wood Bangles

Lathe Turned Wood Bangles

I will show you how I make wood bangles on the lathe.
These little bracelets make beautiful gifts for friends and co-workers.

How to make solid or segmented wood bracelets
mdwoodart woodturning projects

Three Tier In-Box

The joinery is called "Mortise and spline". The trays are Maple and the frame is Walnut with opposite color splines. It is finished with tung oil and sprayed water based Polycrilic.

How to build a three tier inbox
Hall Table maade from Hardwood floor scraps

Hall Table

The main top is 3/4"  Ash boards stained and finished on the tops, with tongue and groove joinery trimmed with pine edging. The sub frame is Pine with box joints. The legs are poplar staircase spindles from a home store (yeah, so what, I cheated). I used half lap joinery to attach these to the sub frame with glue.

how to make this hall table using stairwell spindles
Weed Pots Small vases made with small cutoffs perfect little vases for childrens weed and flowers


These little guys give you an excellent place to put those sweet little flowers your child brings you! These are made with cutoffs and scraps from around my shop. Small and easy, they make excellent gifts!

how to make these small vases called weed pots
Lathe turned handprint mold mdwoodart woodworking projects and instructions

Wood frame hand-print mold

I'm sure most of you out there have heard of, seen or made the childrens hand-print molds with the pie tin and plaster of paris.
I had an idea to make round wood frames that surround and hold the hand-prints securely. as an added bonus, It is much easier to install a wall hanger on these and they look very nice when finished. Each of these were made with some re-claimed wood.

how to make a wood frame on the lathe
ringminder, a great place to put your ring

Ring Minder

This is a place to put your ring when you need to take it off. Made from Walnut and Olive-Wood. This makes a great gift.

how to make a handy place to put your ring
Lathe turned handprint mold mdwoodart woodworking projects and instructions

Pocket Business Card Holder

I am always bending and crushing my business cards while they are in my pocket. so I made something that will hold them and keep them safe while I work...
It works great and looks classy when I hand them out.

how to make a solid wood business card holder for your pocket
Salt Cellar with a magnetized lid that pivots with one pin

Chopping Block

A simple cutting board. From Maple and finished with a food grade wax. The simple design also makes it stylish.

how to make a solid maple cutting board
1937 true-tone radion MP3 player

1937 True-Tone MP3 Player

I got this out of the trash pile from when I helped my wives Grandmother move... This was in the attic of her house for the past 50 years. The wires were all cracked and frayed, the finish was cracked an peeling...
I loved the look of this old radio, I had cleaned it and used it for decoration for about a year before I decided to turn it into a speaker for my iPod.. I used an old radio alarm clock speaker box.

how to re-purpose and refinish an old tube style radio
Firestone radio alarm clock vintage 1950s era

Re-new a vintage radio

This is a 1950ish Firestone radio alarm clock. I found this at a flea market and got an excellent deal. I did not know if it worked or not and I didn't care, I saw potential in it right away. I decided to simply clean and polish the entire thing to bring it back to its original (as original as possible) glory.

how to restore and refinish old warn out plastic

Battle-Pults - Catapult battle game

Battle-Pults:Dueling Catapult game

I have a few nieces and nephews that come around often and they are always going into my scrap bin to build stuff and then knock it down over-and-over again. I decided to make them a small set of building blocks, complete with two battling catapults. It has 46 blocks in total, made from 3/4" maple stock.

how to make a catapult game with real shooting catapults
intarsia style chessboard

Intarsia Style Chessboard

This unique chess board is a one of a kind. Made with Maple and Cherry Tiles with the top edges rounded and buffed for a more dimensional look and feel.

how to make an intarsia style chess board
Shop made bench vice By: MDWoodart

Shop Made Bench Vice

I made this out of necessity, and the fact that I had the Acme threaded rod on hand. :)
I have needed a bench vice for some time now and I had this 3' stick of acme threaded rod (acme means its for a vice) a regular threaded rod will wear out very very quick. so if you attempt this make sure you use the acme stuff. I will be trying a moxon vice soon as well. so keep looking.

How to make a bench vice from scraps around the shop
Three Legged mini stool candle holder By MDWoodArt

Miniature Candle Stool

This is a miniature three legged stool for a candle or small plant. This one is made from Maple and Walnut and all done on the lathe and the drill press. It stands 4" tall and is 5" in diameter.
You could use this for a number of things, I like the candle idea but I also thought about making one as a plant stand. You can get very very creative with these.

how to make a three legged stool for a candle or wedding centerpiece
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